Conference Program

Conference Program

Physical Venue: Buildings “A” and “R”, 4 Múzeum körút, Budapest, H-1088, Hungary
Modifications on 3rd February Thursday:
please access the sessions COUNTERINFLUENCES IN NŌ and ART AND AESTHETICS via the link of Room 1.
please be aware that Balázs Szabó’s presentation takes place in Building “R”, floor 4, room 423 (Room 1) and is streamed via Room 1 Zoom channel.

1st February (Tuesday)

14:00 PM (CET)
Opening Ceremony

14:30 PM (CET)
Keynote Address by NAOKI SAKAI
“Area Studies and National Philosophy”

16:00 PM (CET)
Parallel Panels

2nd February (Wednesday)

8:30 AM (CET)
Parallel Panels – morning sessions

13:30 PM (CET)
Parallel Panels – afternoon sessions

17:30 PM (CET)
Roundtable discussion

3rd February (Thursday)

9:00 AM (CET)
Keynote Address by JUDIT ÁROKAY
“Translation Strategies in Transition”

10:30 AM (CET)
Parallel Panels – morning sessions

14:30 PM (CET)
Parallel Panels – afternoon sessions

4th February (Friday)

9:00 AM (CET)
Keynote Address by GRAHAM PARKES
“Befriending Things with Zen Master Dōgen (and a little help from Nietzsche at the end)”

10:30 AM (CET)
Parallel Panels (until 15:00 PM)

16:30 PM (CET)
ENOJP General Assembly

The event can be attended with a valid certificate of covid vaccination. Rules of distancing, hand sanitizing and wearing face masks covering the nose and the mouth are strictly followed during the conference.

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